Team Updates

introducing nerd bot 2019-20 v1.0

Nerd-bots Nuclear Powered Fll booster pack!

Accelerate your FLL team with the N.E.R.D.bots Nuclear Powered FLL Booster Pack event!

There will be information and tutorials to boost your team and help them succeed. We will have classes on programming, building, mentoring a team, and making your way through judging events. Classes include:

  • Intro to MindStorm Programming – Structures, Variables, Sensors
  • Advanced MindStorm Programming - PID and using Sensor Feedback
  • Mechanical Build - Gearing, Quick Change Tooling, Chassis Designs Pros/Cons
  • The Low Down - Mentor to Mentor advice about running an FLL team
  • It’s Not Just About Robots – How to Prepare for the Judged Events

Our Bubble bot!!!

Here is our bubble bot getting ready for our fund raising event !