FIRST Outreach

Library Event 2022

During the Library Event, we demonstrated our robot, showed them what robotics is like, and then afterwards did a few presentations. Here is the link for more information regarding the library event.

Highvelocity event 2022

The High Velocity event's main purpose was to promote our Library event, and to get kids excited for it. We set up mats in front of High Velocity's entrance, and we let kids drive our robot and get them interested in robotics. In fact, during the Library event, we had some parents who came because of the High Velocity event.

FLL Core Values Training!

On October 26, Nandan, Neha, Amogh, and Sayan mentored an FLL team. They first did a core value exercise where they had to make a car out of themselves and move, and they had to move across the room on papers without touching the ground. The team gave feedback to the FLL team on how they did, Gracious Professionalism, and Core Values. Then, we helped the project team worked on making a blanket to donate to charity, and helped the Robot team worked on practicing quick-changing their attachments. Both teams had a really fun time hanging out with each other and our team had a blast teaching the younger kids.

n.e.r.d. Bots! booster pack - intro to programming

  • Location: A Zoom meeting (due to Covid-19)

  • Time and Date(s): Jan 2nd, 2021(Saturday) from 4pm to 5:30 pm

  • What you need: A computer to open this website: We will be using this to learn.

  • Who can join?: Anyone who wants to learn about the basics of programming! Our recommended age group is grades 3-6, but anyone is welcome.

Topics include:

  • What is Vex?: The playground, block based languages

  • The types of Blocks: Driving, Control, and Sensing.

  • For more advanced students, we will also explore Variables and Myblocks

  • We’ll also do some fun challenges and explore extra resources!

N.E.R.D-bots Nuclear Powered FLL Booster Pack event!

Held on Thursday, October 10th @ 6.30PM

  • Location: Canton Administration Building, 1150 S Canton Center Rd, Canton, MI 48188

  • Room A | Time: 6:30PM to 8:00PM

Classes include:

  • Intro to MindStorm Programming – Structures, Variables, Sensors

  • Advanced MindStorm Programming - PID and using Sensor Feedback

  • Mechanical Build - Gearing, Quick Change Tooling, Chassis Designs

  • Pros/Cons

  • The Low Down - Mentor to Mentor advice about running an FLL team

  • It’s Not Just About Robots – How to Prepare for the Judged Events

canton public library session old

We held an info session at the canton public library where people who were interested could drop in and learn about FIRST and FTC. We did a presentations and we set up our field and let kids drive around an "H-Drive" that we had made while we talked to the parents. We also set up our FLL team's boards to show people who were interested.

Gallimore outreach session

We held an session with Infinity Tech at Gallimore Elementary school where Gallimore students interested in robotics learnt more about FIRST and learned more about our teams. They also had a chance to drive our robots.

Mod Pizza Fundraiser

We held a fundraiser at Mod Pizza, while also teaching others about FIRST. We set up a ring so that customers could drive the robot. We told them about our team and about FIRST.

Demonstration at Flex-n-gate Corp.

We went to Flex-N-Gate to demonstrate our robot to their senior management team. We also took them through our robot building and programming processes. We received good appreciation for our efforts.