Community Outreach

2020-2021 season

We had a leaf raking fundraiser where we raked people’s yards for donations. We raked 8 yards. In total, we made $540 and donated 40% of that to the East PTO. Due to the pandemic, our school East, isn’t able to hold fundraisers to make money. With our donation, they would be able to hold fun online events for students and use it for other things.

Leaf raking fundraiser

Start date: 10/22

Final day to register: 11/13

End date: 11/15

2019-2020 season

Gleaner's Food Bank

We volunteered many times at gleaners food bank. Gleaners is an organization the helps provide food for people who don't have any. We volunteered at the Detroit location. During some of the visits, our team packed lunch bags. Our team alone packed 200 bags!

Kids Coalition Against hunger

We went to a rotary club Fundraising event with kids against hunger. We packaged and weighed food packets. They consisted of soy, dried vegetables, vitamin powder, and rice. We packaged about 30 boxes with 26 food packs in each box, that make about 780 packages!

Lego ornament

3 team members went to the LEGO outreach event. They built many beautiful and creative designs. They then posted pictures of them on social media that LEGO would see and donate gifts for kids that couldn't get presents during the holidays. It was a fun experience. Gretchen made a seal with a santa hat, and a scene with a person decorating a tree. Jeffrey made a whole bunch of stuff, but his most memorable were a fire-fighting machine and a commercial airline with a 0.7% survival rate. Josh also made a candy cane and designed a mech.