2019-2020 Season

Reveal Video 2019-2020

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Michigan State Championships ~ Warren, mi

This was our first states championship and it was one to remember. We had a few hiccups during the qualification matches, but during alliance picking, we were picked by the number 1 alliance. We made it all the way to the inter-divisional finals between the two divisions, breaking a world record along the way. We won the inter-divisional finals and a ticket to World Championships!

Take a look at this amazing match!

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Kettering g.r.a.y.t qualifier

We went to Kettering with the assurance of going to States. We were paired up with good alliances and had a qual rank of #2! We got to chose our alliance and we made it to the finals and won! We were the champions of the qualifier! We also won the Think Award. Time to head to States!

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Canton Qualifier

We made it to the semi-finals with 4 winning matches and 1 losing match. We beat the first seat alliance and made it to the finals, but our phone screen froze once and the wiring disconnected once as well, which meant we lost. We won the Inspire Award, which got us an entry in to the State Championships!

  • Inspire Award Winner

  • Finalist Alliance Captain

  • Think Award Finalist

  • Connect Award Finalist

  • PTC Design Award Finalist

  • Motivate Award Finalist

Our best run @ canton qualifier (88 Points!)